Smarter Inventory Capital

Uncapped Inventory Capital for e-Commerce Sellers

Why We Are Different

Inventory Specific Solution

We offer an inventory-specific capital solution meaning you never have to worry about inventory capital again


We are not just a short-term cash-flow fix, we aim to be a long term partner that flexes with your growth.

No Recourse

If you do not sell your inventory, you never have to pay us back. No recourse to you or your business.

Free Up The Capital Tied Up In Your Inventory

Forever 8 is the smart solution to buying inventory for your business. We use our capital to buy as much inventory as you need, when you need it. This helps you stay in stock, while allowing you to focus your time and money on driving sales.

No fixed amortization
Flexes with growth
No personal guarantees
No board seat or dilution

How It Works

We buy as much inventory as you need to fuel your growth. Our commitment to buy inventory is uncapped.

1. Complete our online application

2. Receive a proposal and complete on-boarding process

3. We buy your on-hand inventory from you (use this capital as you see fit)

4. Our capital has no impact on your order fulfillment process

5. We support you by helping optimize your buying and selling strategies

6. You're invoiced monthly based on shipments, as your product sells

7. We place re-orders with your suppliers as needed

Who We Partner With

Forever 8 purchases inventory for e-commerce sellers who sell on Amazon, Shopify and other leading e-commerce channels.

You sell products on Amazon, or other e-commerce platforms
Have retail sales of $10K-$200K per SKU/per month
Can show at least 3 months sales history
Turn your inventory in 120 days or less
Need capital for inventory, advertising or new SKUs

Typical Steps for Customers


“With Forever 8 things move fast and simple. This allows TCM to speed up internal procedures which are much slower. In addition, this frees up funds for other purposes such as innovation, more advertising spend and additional acquisitions… Things are simple, clear, transparent, fair, and fast. Funds are always being paid promptly.”

Shlomo / Head of Brands for TCM
Herbal Essentials

"We have a partner who puts their money where their mouth is and supports our ambitious growth plans. The whole experience working with F8 so far has been a dream. The team has provided lots of support and guidance on all of our business goals."

Will / Founder of EZ Shopper
Herbal Essentials

"I am extremely happy working with F8. Availability of funds are immediate, onboarding process has been easy, ongoing support is excellent. Working with Forever 8 has helped me buy more efficiently, and my suppliers are more confident working with me."

Mehar / Founder of Home Apparel
Herbal Essentials

"Forever8 has enhanced our future plans by adding immense value, not just in form of capital but also their team’s input and experience in the business world has been extremely beneficial in obtaining our business goals."

Moheb / Founder of Mobihub
Herbal Essentials

"We needed Forever 8 to free cash resources and allocate money towards business development. We are very happy with the progress and are happy with Forever 8 not only as a financial partner, but also as a strategic partner in our global expansion plans for the brand."

Malte / Founder of Shorebuddies
Herbal Essentials

"I was introduced to Forever 8 recently and the process of understanding their product offering and how they can help SME’s was seamless and easy to grasp. Unlike many other platforms, these guys actually take the time to understand your business and then structure a solution that works."

Aly / Founder of Herbal Essentials
Herbal Essentials